Nevus Removal In The Face Region

Nevuses are dark-colored formations on the skin that spoil the aesthetic appearance. They are mostly seen in black, dark and light brown colors. They occur due to the collection and clustering of melanin under the skin for various reasons. Flat moles, moles and moles that are seen as bulky can be removed by various methods. But the most healthy and non-scarring method is the method of self-removal by surgery. Nevuses are removed not only to eliminate aesthetic concerns. It is important to take moles to take precautions for malignant spots that may occur in the future.

How Is the Nevus Removal Surgery Performed?

Nevus removal is carried out in the course of a surgical procedure. Under local anesthesia, the problematic area is removed and the nevus removal area is repaired aesthetically. In order to remove the nevuses, a certain size incision is made to surround them. The cut mole skin piece is removed and the operation is terminated with aesthetic stitches. The mole removal operation can be applied to women and men who have nevus problems and who do not mind taking local anesthesia. After the nevus removal operation, there may be minor scars. If there is a scar after the operation and the remaining scar is disturbing to you, you can see scar and stain treatments after the nevus removal surgery is healed and after the operated tissue completely recovers itself.

Is Nevus Removal A Permanent Procedure?

The removed nevuses are completely removed by cutting with the surgical method, so it is impossible for the same nevus (mole)spot to reappear. However, due to some reasons that create moles, new moles can be seen in other regions or close to the operation area. This situation is not related to the success or permanence of the operation.