Almond Eye Surgery

Almond eye surgeries, also known as "fox eye", has gained popularity in recent years. Actually, this operation is not only applied for aesthetic purposes, but also for the correction of some deformities. In almond eye surgery, the tail part of the eye where the lower and upper eyelids meet is positioned upwards. In other words, almond eye operation is to provide a deeper expression of the gaze by pulling the eye upwards at a certain angle.

How is Almond Eye Surgery Performed?

Almond eye surgery is a procedure that can be performed both under local anesthesia alone or in the same session with eyelid surgery and eyebrow lifting under general anesthesia, in a way that does not disturb the harmony and symmetry of the eye and face structure of the person. We recommend this surgery to be performed along with upper eyelid surgery and eyebrow lift to gain much more satisfactory and permanent results.

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