Facial Feminization

Facial feminization is an operation to make masculine facial features feminine as a whole, which is generally preferred by transgender people. However, it is a type of surgery that includes many operations and is applied to all men and women who think that their facial features are too masculine and want to make their facial expression softer. The aim of this operation is to soften the forehead, cheekbones, temporal areas, chin together with the soft tissues of the face (cheeks, lips, etc.) in line with the person's request. Thus, the person can have more feminine facial features. Feminization surgeries in the face and neck region vary with the expectation and desire of the person, following are the surgeries that should be performed in most of the patients;

  1. Nose job (rhinoplasty)
  2. Brow lift; if the eyebrows are low
  3. Eyelid surgery
  4. Clarification of the temple area
  5. Cheek thinning (bichectomy)
  6. The chin contour
  7. Adam's apple shaving (prominentia laryngea)
  8. Reducing the nose-lip distance (lip lift)
  9. Forehead implant
  10. Cheek bones fillings and prostheses
  11. Hairline positioning.
Istanbul Facial Plastic Surgery