Brow Lift

With aging, the skin begins to lose its elasticity. Wrinkles and sagging are seen in different parts of the body, especially on the face. Sometimes, this appearance can be observed in young people, when genetic factors are predominant. The first signs of aging are usually seen in the eyebrow and forehead area. The sagging of the eyebrows and upper eyelids may accumulate over the eyes as we age, and may become disturbing enough to affect the aesthetic appearance and vision. The drooping of the eyebrows, which affects the facial expression very much, can also cause a tired, nervous or tense look. Eyebrow lift or temporal lift operation is performed to correct the sagging in these areas in order to make the forehead, eyebrows and upper face area look younger.

How is Eyebrow lift Operation Performed?

After preliminary examination, it is determined whether the person is suitable for this procedure. Eyebrow lifting operation should not be confused with thread lifting techniques. Surgical brow lift operation is a permanent procedure. Under general anesthesia, an incision is made just above the eyebrows, parallel to the eyebrow hairs, and a wedge-shaped skin is removed and the eyebrow is suspended upwards. Another version of brow lift is temporal lift surgery. An incision is made just 1 cm behind the hairlines and the scalp is elevated in the temporal area . The desired shape is given by pulling the eyebrow up from the scalp. This method can be applied without any surgical scars, and more permanent results are obtained compared to other procedures. Surgery duration is about 1-1.5 hours. The person can return to his social life 3-5 days after the operation. Stitches can be removed after a week. Incision scars are hidden in the border of the eyebrow line or in the scalp.