Skin Cancers In The Facial Region & Treatmens

The most common known cause of skin cancers is ultraviolet, UV rays. Since the face area is not covered with clothing, it is more exposed to sunlight compared to other body areas. Skin cancers are seen in the scalp, forehead, eyelids, cheeks, nose, lips, ears, chin and neck area. Skin cancers appear as non-healing wounds or as lesions that change shape over time. Skin cancers can also be caused by innocent-looking nevi, namely "nevuse"s. Complete removal of skin cancers in the face area and repair of tissue defects in a cosmetically acceptable manner using aesthetic surgical techniques are part of facial plastic surgery applications. The main goal in the treatment of skin cancer is to completely destroy the cancer. The method of treatment may vary depending on the location and size of the cancer, the patient's age, general health, and medical history. Especially in the face area, diagnosis and treatment in the early stages before the cancer progresses too much allows the disease to be completely eliminated. When the lesion is small, the treatment is easier and the possibility of permanent scars on the face is reduced. The main treatment method of skin cancer is complete surgical removal. The tumor is excised, leaving a safe surgical margin, along with the surrounding healthy tissue, which varies in width depending on its size and location. The scar formed in the area where the tumor was removed can be left to heal on its own; The surrounding skin can be closed by joining, sliding or transplanting the skin from another area. Particularly, the skin parts that are removed from the body parts that are very visible and do not allow tissue loss, such as the face, must be repaired. These repairs are usually made by bringing skin from the surrounding tissues, and because the skin properties of the surrounding tissues are similar, surgeries provide both aesthetic and functional benefits.

Istanbul Facial Plastic Surgery