Male Rhinoplasty

The most important issue in male rhinoplasty is to obtain a nose that has not lost its characteristic features in harmony with masculine facial features. For this, it is necessary to observe and know the anatomical differences between the male and female nose very well. Techniques that provide to remove the height of the nasal arch in the form of a whole without disturbing the naturalness of the bone and cartilage structure of the nasal ridge are very advantageous for men.

Are the applications performed on male and female patients the same in rhinoplasty surgery?

The considered criteria for rhinoplasty differ in men and women.Making an upturned nose with an inward curve in a male patient causes a feminine expression to be placed on the patient's face. Recognizing the natural light reflections of the bones and cartilages under the skin of the nose from the outside are the details that make the nose beautiful. The techniques used to obtain these details gain importance.

The Advantages of Preservative Rhinoplasty for Men

Compared to classical rhinoplasty, thanks to the nasal ridge protective techniques called push down or let down, results can be obtained in a much more natural and masculine appearance and meeting the patient's expectations. In classical structural rhinoplasty, the cartilage and bone structure of the nasal dorsum is tried to be corrected by disrupting its integrity and reconstructed with cartilage taken from the nose. These processes cause some problems that will be encountered in the long term. The main reason for these problems is the deformities that develop as a result of the melting and deformation of the new cartilages. The disappearance of the recesses and protrusions that provide the masculine structure in the male nose is perceived by the patients as an artificial nose and does not satisfy the people. The use of techniques that ensure the preservation of natural structures as much as possible brings very high satisfaction rates in male rhinoplasty.