Deep Plane Face-Lift Operation

Facelift can be defined as the surgical correction of anatomical changes in various parts of the face caused by aging, gravity, genetic and environmental factors. Especially the changes in the cheeks, jaw line, jowl area, neck, eyelids cause the person to have an old face appearance. The aim of the face lift operation is to achieve the change needed by the person without disturbing the natural facial features. The way to make this change permanent is to understand the aging face syndrome correctly and to use the right methods. It is not possible to correct the sagging of the subcutaneous connective tissues only by hanging or stretching the skin. For this reason, more satisfactory and permanent results can be obtained when the muscles and connective tissues attached to the facial bones are hung together with the skin as a whole in the surgical facelift procedure.

How is Deep Plan Mid-Face Lift Operation Performed?

Mid face; It is the central region of the face, which is located next to the nose and coincides with the right under the eyes. The loss of volume in the mid-face area and the sagging of the mid-face soft tissues with the effect of gravity during the aging process and the downward positioning of the cheek draw attention. This situation causes the groove between the corner of the nose and mouth, called the nasolabial sulcus, and the under-eye circles to become prominent, as well as the appearance of under-eye bags.