Fat Injectıon To Face

Fat injection is an aesthetic intervention that can be applied not only to the body but also to various parts of the face. The purpose of fat injections is to correct the deformations that occur in the skin for any reason, as well as to eliminate the volume losses in the subcutaneous adipose tissue. On the face it is preferred to volumize the lips, remove the superficial and deep wrinkles around the mouth, to define the cheekbones and to increase the volume of the forehead, chin and to increase the volume of the temples and to make the jaw line more defined . Fat injection is a procedure performed to have a more aesthetic appearance on the face and to get rid of the undesired effects of the aging face.

How is Fat Injection Made in the Face Area?

The fat to be used for fat injection in the face area is taken from the person's own body. Since the abdomen is the most common area of fat accumulation for almost everyone, it is generally preferred to collect the fat to be injected into the face from the belly area . However, fat can also be collected from the waist or thigh to inject into the face. Fat injectıon can be performed under local anesthesia or, if a series of interventions are to be performed, under general anesthesia. The collected fat is subjected to various processes such as washing and centrifugation before it is injected into the area where intervention is required, then the fat is transferred under the skin via an injector. The approximate operation time may vary depending on the area applied, and this time is approximately 1,5 hour. Although the permanence of this process depends on the person's maintaining his body weight, the applied fat will certainly lose volume during the adaptation process to the new region. Permanence of fat filling may vary from person to person.