Frequently Asked Questions

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+ - What should I pay attention to before the operation?

  1. Stop smoking
  2. Stop drinking alcohol
  3. Reduce caffeine in take
  4. Check your vitamins and supllements.
  5. Stop taking blood thinner (like an aspirin) before 1-2 weeks.
  6. Stop eating garlic or cherry before 1 week.(natural blood thinner)

+ - Will there be a team to assist me when I arrive Turkey ?

Our team will meet you and accompany you to your hotel from the moment you land at the airport. In our hospital, the international patient team will welcome you and will be with you in all your procedures. You can reach us whenever you need.

+ - Do I Need General Anesthesia?

Facelift, necklift, rhinoplasty, facial feminization, facial implants and lower eyelid surgery are performed under general anesthesia. But operations such as upper eyelid surgery, liplift, direct browlift, otoplasty, buccal fat removal can be performed under local anesthesia.

+ - Will I be in Pain?

During your surgery, wether under local or general anesthesia, anesthetic medications ensures you are comfortable and without pain. For most procedures you will be asleep for the entire time. After surgery you will be prescribed medication for any discomfort. These symptoms usually subside within a matter of days.

+ - Will be there scars?

You will have scars, but they are not usually noticeable. Meticulous closure of skin incisions are crucial to keep scars to a minimum and hide them in natural lines and creases in your skin. Over the course of time, your scars will fade and become barely noticeable.

+ - How Long is the duration of the procedure?

Most procedures take only a few hours and require an overnight stay. You can leave the hospital the next day to go to hotel.

+ - How many days do ı need to stay in Turkey ?

You need to see the anesthesiologyst one day before surgery and Although It depends greatly on the procedure.patients can usually return back to their country 7-9 days after surgery. therefore 8-10 day stay in turkey is enough.