What is ethnic rhinoplasty?
Who is it suitable for?

Ethnic Rhinoplasty describes the aesthetic operation performed on the noses of people of different races (African, Middle Eastern, Latin American, Asian and Hispanic). Different races have their own characteristics. The main goal is to obtain a more aesthetically acceptable nose that is compatible with the facial structure and ethnic characteristics of the face. In the white race, there is usually nose reduction in nasal arch narrowing and removal surgeries. In ethnic rhinoplasty, there is often a need to add cartilage and bone to shape the nose. The important thing here is to obtain results that are compatible with the facial features of the patients bearing traces of their ethnic background. Ethnic Rhinoplasty can be performed by surgeons who have sufficient knowledge and experience about the anatomical structures of different ethnicities. In these operations, grafts taken from the patient's own (rib cartilage) or externally supplied cartilage grafts (external graft) may be needed to obtain a more prominent and raised nasal dorsum structure. Rib cartilage is the most important material needed in rhinoplasty. Recent years, highly non-invasive methods have been developed for rib cartilage removal. Minimal pain and scarring occur in the operation area, so patients have a more comfortable operation process.

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