Forehead Lifting

Aging in the upper face area, which includes the forehead, eyebrows, temporal area and eyelids, appears as a component of the aging face. The mimic lines in the forehead area deepen over time and form vertical or horizontal lines. This look causes a tired and old expression. In addition, with the decrease of collagen under the skin and the loss of tightness of the muscle tissues, the forehead begins to sag downwards. With forehead lift aesthetics, mimic lines are reduced and the person looks younger. At the same time, tension is obtained by lifting the skin and subcutaneous tissue hanging down on the forehead, midline and temporal areas. Today, although it does not provide a permanent effect in the treatment of aging in the upper face, botox has become more preferable due to its ease of application and prevalence. For this reason, forehead lift operations for the frown area and forehead lines are not performed as often as before.

How is The Forehead Lift Operatıon Performed?

Forehead lift operation can be performed openly or endoscopically. This operation is usually done under general anesthesia. The skin and subcutaneous tissue of the forehead, which is freed from the skull by entering through a few incisions made through the hairline, is suspended on the bone sheath in the upper regions, and at the same time, the small muscle groups that cause us to frown and wrinkles are rendered dysfunctional. This operation can be combined with temporal and eyebrow lifting. After 1 week -10 days, the stitches are removed and the person can return to her/his daily life.