Dimple Formation Surgery

The person is examined by the doctor and it is decided together with the doctor where exactly he /she wants to have dimples on the cheek.The patient who wants to have a dimple is taken to an operation for an average of 30 minutes. The dimple area is anesthetized with local anesthesia, and some interventions are performed on the muscles that create facial and mouth mimics, and a natural dimple image is tried to be obtained. Finally, the muscles are sutured and the dimple formation operation is completed. After the operation, the stitches in the mouth begin to dissolve on their own after a while. In the same process, the patient's dimple will start to show itself along with her/his smile. There may be a slight pain after the procedure and this should be considered normal. Your doctor may prescribe antibiotics and pain medications for both pain and the possibility of infection. After this operation, it is normal for regional swelling and edema to occur in the places where the stitches are placed. Swelling and edema disappear after a maximum of 1 week.