Deep Plane Neck Lift Surgery

For double chin removal, an incision of approximately 2 cm is made under the chin and is entered between the subcutaneous tissue and the platysma muscle. The fat layer that makes the double chin, deep underneath the platysma muscle is removed. Then the digastric muscles in the deep plane can be shaved. If the salivary glands are larger than normal in volume, reduction of the salivary glands can be added.

How is Deep Plan Mid-Face Lift Operation Performed?

The important thing in the mid-face lift operation is to release the muscle layer and other deep tissues in this region and to ensure that they are permanently suspended at higher points in order to correct the sagging on the cheek. The facial nerve (facial nerve), which provides facial facial expressions, is quite superficial. Deep plane mid-face lift operations are slightly more risky and less performed because of the facial nerve course. In the deep plan mid-face lift procedure, it is carefully worked away from the facial nerve and proceeds to the corner of the mouth and nose. In this way, it is possible to treat these areas. Later suspension procedures and skin closure techniques are the same as in the classical face lift operation.