Hair Transplant

The first of these methods is the fut method, this technique has developed over time and is presented as the FUE method by minimizing the negative aspects and benefits. The FUE method leaves virtually no scarring. This method is used as much as possible in almost all hair transplants.

Regardless of the method used for hair transplantation, certain steps are necessary for these procedures. These steps have a very important place before and after the procedure. The basic steps are the extraction of the roots taken from the back of the person's head, the opening of the canals where the roots will be placed and the transplantation of these roots into the canals.

How is the hair transplant performed?

Hair transplantation should be performed by hair specialists and their teams under local anesthesia in sterile conditions of the operating room. Cylindrical micro motors head is used to remove the grafts and it must be done one by one from the donor area. The smallest possible motor tips should be used in the extraction of the grafts, thus avoiding damage to the backhead area and giving a natural appearance in the hair removal area. The number of grafts that can be harvested is in parallel with the density and quality of hair in the donor area. Once the graft is harvested, it is saved to be used later in the transplantation.The PRP (platelet-rich plasma) procedure, which is included in our surgeries, separates proteins from the blood and injects them back into the scalp, which promotes cell regeneration and strengthens the transplanted grafts. PRP also supports the skin in the hair transplant area. If the patient has thin hair, PRP has a beneficial effect on these areas as well.The hairline is also important in hair transplant operations. This hairline should be created naturally as before. The hair specialist must know the patient's expectations regarding the creation of the hairline. This hairline should be designed according to the physical condition of the patient. The age of the patient, the type of bone in the forehead are important variables in the creation of a hairline.The next step is the opening of the canals. The canals are opened with a sapphire blade. The tips of the aforementioned fronds are specially designed and their shape characteristic allows to open the canals horizontally. The opening of the channels on these silhouettes allows for the addition of hair at the closest angles to nature. This feature is the most important basic element that will give the hair transplant a natural look.

What is FUE Sapphire Operation ?

Saphhire methos also using mostly in hairtransplant surgeries. Its almost same stages like fue hairtransplat operation about determination of donor area and taking grefts steps. But there is diffrent about opening channels step. Channels opening with special sapphire tips. With this way grefts taking minimum damage. Channelsy stay with highest density with this method. That fact makes result much more natural

What is DHI Hair Operation?

The DHI hair transplant treatment method is very different from the FUE method. This method of treatment is known as the way in which the hair taken from the donor area is transplanted into the receding hairline without opening a canal with sapphire. This treatment method is known as a two-step process. The insertion of the grafts into a special pen that has a very thin cylinder and a sharp tip. These cylindrical needles are like a canal and can insert the hair. The DHI hair transplant technique is also known as the "Choi pen" method because of the pens used. With this method, the healing of the scalp is faster because there are no open channels for the insertion of the grafts, the pen allows easy insertion of the hair follicles. The DHI method is a comfortable and preferred method for people with a professional life that requires a faster aesthetic healing.